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State Resources : Alabama

   Travel Nursing Jobs in Alabama

Link to Alabama Board of Nursing

770 Washington Blvd
testMontgomery, Alabama 36104

Phone: 334-242-4060
Fax: 334-242-4360

Licensure by examination or endorsement $85.00
Biennial renewal of license 75.00
Reinstatement fee, lapsed license 100.00
Reinstatement fee, revoked license 300.00
Reinstatement fee, suspended license 200.00
Late CE Audit Fee
1st Time 150.00
2nd Time 300.00
3 or more Times> 600.00
Late Renewal 100.00
Temporary permits 50.00
Monitoring fee, voluntary disciplinary alternative program 750.00
Continuing Education Provider Fee 400.00
Certification/Verification of Alabama Licensure 30.00
Duplicate license cards 25.00
Consultation visit 100.00 per day
Initial approval for advanced practice 150.00
Biennial renewal of approval for advanced practice 50.00
Processing of subpoena 10.00
Additional approval or change in collaborative practice 30.00
Miscellaneous services Up to 100.00
Purchase of Roster 50.00 set up fee plus .06 per name
Group online license verification subscription service Up to $2000 per year
Copies of Records $5.00 search fee plus 0.25 per page

Continuing Education Requirements:
To renew a license on active status to practice nursing in Alabama, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses must earn 24 contact hours from a Board approved continuing education provider no later than September 30 before the biennial renewal period. For registered nurses the biennial renewal period occurs in even years and for licensed practical nurses the biennial renewal period occurs in odd years. Examples of earning period:


1. Oct. 1, 2002-Sept.30, 2004 1. Oct.1, 2001-Sept. 30, 2003
2. Oct 1, 2004-Sept.30, 2006 2. Oct 1,2003-Sept.30, 2005


Travel nursing jobs in Alabama are frequently available.

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Request FREE Travel Nursing Information
Fill out our request form to receive information on Travel nursing jobs in the U.S. & Canada.
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Questions on travel nursing
Is it possible to hire through a travel agency working local area hospitals?


You can work at a hospital in your home town as a travel nurse. Not only that, you will also get all of the benefits a regular traveler gets, such as a housing allowance.

Not too shabby, eh? This is one way to try out the concept and the agency. On the other hand, you miss the best part of travel nursing.

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