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State Resources : Massachusetts

   Travel Nursing Jobs in Massachusetts

Link to Massachusetts Board of Nursing

239 Causeway Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114

Phone: (617) 727-9961
Fax: (617) 727-1630

Initial licensing fee, RN: $50.00
License renewal (biennial), RN: $40.00

Continuing Education Requirements:
RNs and LPNs: 15 contact hours every renewal period


Travel nursing jobs in Massachusetts can be found in the bigger cities, such as Boston, or in the myriad of wonderful smaller towns and villages.

If you are interested in travel nursing jobs in Boston here are some of my notes:
I am on a trip this week in the Boston area. What a great place this would be to take a travel nursing assignment. The city is full of things to do. If you are any kind of history buff you could spend your whole 13 weeks just doing that. But of course there is more.

Like, do you like to eat? Does the word lobster make your mouth water? I had a seafood casserole last night that would knock your socks off. Sports fan? Monday night I am going to Fenway Park to see the Red Sox play Detroit. It doesnít get better then that.

And when you are not working at your travel nurse job you may want to get out of town. I drove about 75 miles down to Cape Cod. Hyannis to be exact. That is where the Kennedyís have their famous compund. For about $16 I took a ferry for a 2 hour trip to Nantucket Island. This place is paradise! You can shop, go to the beach, eat even more, sip a little of the local brew, (Cisco Whale Tale), or rent a bike and explore the island. That is what I am going to do today. You can make it a day trip or do what Iím doing and rent a bed and breakfast. The weather is great, the ambience is terrific and the people have that Massachusetts charm.

Travel is great. Your RN degree and a bit of experience is all it takes to get you on the road. For more information on Boston travel nurse jobs (or other locations) visit my site at and fill out the request information form. -Conrad

Boston just got better and better! Let me be a bit more specific about some of the places to go and see in case you are in the Boston area on a travel nursing job.

Early on, take a tour! I always like to take a ďtourĒ when I get to a new a place. It seems a little schmaltzy but I find that in a very short period of time you can get a lot of information on a place and then figure out how you want to act on what you learn.

Boston was no exception. The town itself is so dripping in history that it would be a crime not to do this. Once downtown you will see trolleys giving these tours all over the place. There are about 5 companies that do the basic tour. They all go the same route and charge the same amount, ($29 a person unless you are a student or a senior citizen and in the spirit of competition it seems everyone is one or the other!). I chose an outfit called City Views because they only make 7 stops. Others make up to 18 stops but lots of them are hotels. I guess that is a plus if you are staying at one of the hotels but other wise it is a pain. The cool thing is that all of the tour operators have a bus or trolley making the loop about every 15 minutes. Your ticket gives you the right to jump on and off all day long. So if you see something you want to visit, just hop off and when you are done hop on the next one to come along. If you donít jump off it takes about an hour to do the whole trail.

Of course the driver is giving you a constant running commentary on the sights and history of the area. (Did you know that Paul Revere had 16 kids with two different wives? LOL)

When I was ready for a local lobster several people told me to go to ďLegals.Ē They have 4 or 5 of them in the Boston area and I was more inclined to go to a more local joint with a bit more atmosphere. Glad I didnít! After 4 die hard Bostonians told me they had the best seafood in town I relented. It was spectacular. Suffice to say the the 1.5 pound lobster and a glass of French white wine made my afternoon.

That evening we walked through the wonderful Newbury area on our way to Fenway Park. It is a treasure of shops and restaurants. Very upscale. Very trendy. Bustling. Be sure to visit there.

And Fenway? What can I tell you? To a life long baseball fan it was like stepping back in time. Babe Ruth played there before he was a Yankee! The park was full of passionate Red Sox fans and the evening could not have been more fun. And the walk back along Newbury to our hotel was perfectly topped off with a triple scoop Cherry Garcia at Ben and Jerrys.

I havenít even mentioned travel nursing today but I think you get my drift. Boston is a great town to visit or live and work in. I barely scratched the surface of the things there are to do there. Iíd do a travel nursing assignment here in a Bakers moment.

Happy Day!-Conrad (August 2006)

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Questions on travel nursing
Does any agency pay traveling nurses as indepentant contractor and wages are reported on 1099 instead of W-2.

I do not know the answer to this but am going to poll my customers and find out. I\'ll let you know. My strong suspicion is that the answer is no. My understanding of the independent contractors laws would preclude one being an IC if they were told when and where to work. The inherent scheduling requirements involved in nursing probably would throw that option out. I\'ll ask around.
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