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State Resources : South Carolina

   Travel Nursing Jobs in South Carolina

Link to South Carolina Board of Nursing

110 Centerview Drive, Suite 202
Colubia, South Carolina 29210

Phone: (803) 896-4550
Fax: (803) 896-4525

Initial licensing fee, RN: $65.00
License renewal (annual), RN: $32.00

Continuing Education Requirements:
Unknown. Please check the website above for current information.


There are generally travel nursing jobs in South Carolina available.

The state of South Carolina is roughly triangular in shape and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, North Carolina, and Georgia. South Carolina includes portions of three major natural regions of the eastern United States: the Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Coastal Plain occupies about two-thirds of the state and rises gently to 500 feet from the Atlantic Ocean up to the Piedmont Plateau. Included in the Coastal Plain are the Sea Islands of the coast of South Carolina. The Piedmont is an upland area that rises gradually from 400 feet to 1200 feet along the northwestern edge. The Piedmont is separated from the Coastal Plain by a major fall line. The Blue Ridge Mountains, in the northwestern corner of South Carolina, meets the Piedmont. It is a mountainous and mainly forested region. The further east one moves, the flatter the land becomes in South Carolina.

All of the major rivers in South Carolina flow generally southeastward across the state to the Atlantic Ocean. The three major rivers are the Santee, Great Pee Dee, and Savannah. There are no large natural lakes in South Carolina, but several have been created for hydroelectric power purposes. The three largest lakes are Lake Marion - 110,600 acres, Lake Moultrie - 60,400 acres, and Lake Murray - 50,000 acres.

South Carolina's coastline extends 187 miles. However, if all bays, inlets, and islands are considered the coastline measures 2,876 miles, which is the 11th longest among the 50 states. The northeast section of the coast has few islands, but south of Winyah Bay the coast is dotted with sea islands and bays.

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Questions on travel nursing
Does any agency pay traveling nurses as indepentant contractor and wages are reported on 1099 instead of W-2.

I do not know the answer to this but am going to poll my customers and find out. I\'ll let you know. My strong suspicion is that the answer is no. My understanding of the independent contractors laws would preclude one being an IC if they were told when and where to work. The inherent scheduling requirements involved in nursing probably would throw that option out. I\'ll ask around.
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