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  Conquer Your Fear of Rejection
Don't wait for success to find you. Here are 12 strategies to get what you want in your career and your life no matter how scared you are to ask. By Marty Nemko You're afraid you'll get rejected...

  Top 5 Keys to a Happy Office Romance
The experts can warn you ‘til they’re blue in the face: “Beware of office romances,” and still, there s/he is: Sooooh cute. Such chemistry. Sooooh nice. This could be the love of your life. (Or at lea...

  Nursing Resume & Job Search Tips
It is broadly agreed upon in the employment sector that the need for Nursing positions will grow faster than...

  Eight Keys to Making the Most of Your Job
By Marty Nemko You think landing a great job is important? Even more important is whether you make the most of it. These rules show you how: -- Don’t let the cement dry. My daughter got a job in...

  How Women Can Earn More
Women’s organizations have established April 25 as Equal Pay Day: To dramatize what they believe is pay discrimination against women, they say that men could vacation until April 25 and by the end of ...

  RNs Rank Number One In Job Growth
Washington, DC - The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced yesterday that registered nurses top the list of the 10 occupations with the largest projected job growth in the years 2002-2012. A...

  The High Costs of Anger in the Workplace
Leroy was a superstar in the Real Estate business, producing three times the monthly business of his nearest coworker. He was a driven, highly competitive young man who saw his manager as getting in t...

  Straight Talk About Your Career
People place a premium on being positive. That extends to career advice. As a result, I believe that important negative statements go unsaid. I’ll remedy that here. Many people fail to lan...

  How To Prepare Your References
If a job candidate is far enough in the interview process that the human resources professional is ready to ask for references, the candidate is close to being offered the job. For that reason, the re...

  CosmoGirl! Guide to Your Career
You've heard it since you were little: 'What do you want to be when you grow up?" Don't freak if you don't know the answer. These pages will help. Some people have always known what they want to be...

  Top Six Items of Career Advice
Something just happened to me that, unfortunately, has happened to many of this section’s readers: I was fired. The San Francisco Chronicle’s advertising department has decided to replace my column wi...

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Request FREE Travel Nursing Information
Fill out our request form to receive information on Travel nursing jobs in the U.S. & Canada.
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Questions on travel nursing
Are there sites where I can fill out one application and several travel companies receive the application and skills check list?

There are indeed. Here are three. This saves you a LOT of time. Good luck, and be as specific as you can in the free forms sections.
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